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Hello James Madison students and families!

Have a great Summer Break!
Join us in our summer programs and our free meal program: 

We will see you back in school this August.

Julie Neilson

James Madison History

James Madison Elementary building exterior.

James Madison Elementary was established in 2007 when the school, originally, Central Middle School, was changed to an elementary school.

Many current teachers have stayed here for the many excellent programs that are offered. Some of the favorite programs the teachers like are: Art from Art Specialist Mr. Rhodes, Music from a Music Specialist, daily computer lab classes, and wireless tech device (iPads, Chrome Books, Laptops) for all grade levels.

The yearly play we perform for the community and families is one of the most anticipated performances of the school year. In addition, we have an after school program, as well as, different after school clubs to participate in throughout the school year.


James Madison Elementary

James Madison

Be our best, Do our best:

Every minute . . . Every day!

James Madison

James Madison will be an exemplar school built upon a diverse integration of faculty, students and parents and community that will achieve academic excellence.

James Madison

Patriot Pride

High Five Rules

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be There/Be Ready

Hands and Feet to Self

Follow Directions

James Madison

School Song sung to the tune of Zippity doo dah

Madison's our school we're proud to say.

We choose to do our best every day.

Teachers and friends here help on our way.

Madison's our school, hip hip hooray.

We step up to every challenge;

never give up, keep trying.

On ourselves we are relying.

We can succeed in every way.

Madison's our school, hip hip hooray.