Waterford UPSTART provides four-year-old children access to the highest form of academic support in their early education at no cost to participantspersonalized family education and coaching, a new computer and Internet if needed, and adaptive educational software

The average Waterford UPSTART graduate enters kindergarten reading at nearly a first-grade level and maintains their gains for years to come.


Internet Access at Home

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Families may qualify for discounted home internet service* for personal use from an independent vendor by visiting www.internetessentials.com or contacting 855-846-8376

Families may request a wireless internet access device** (hotspot) for school use by completing the linked form and submitting it to the student’s school.

*This program is not affiliated with Ogden School District
**Subject to qualifying terms and availability

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Top quality instruction by dedicated teachers focused on providing academic success for students is supported by enrichment activities such as performing arts and a drama production every year. An onsite art and music program along with STEM and science enrichment programs after school engage students. James Madison Elementary is a safe and supportive place, where children come and learn every day to achieve their goals. Support from after school programs and school clubs and activities builds confidence in each student for success.

James Madison Elementary provides a variety of after school activities. Students participating in any of these activities are monitored by professional staff. For more information, please call or visit our main office.